Theresa R Gabriel, Treasurer

P.O. Box 967, Columbus, NE 68602    -    402.563.4913 - FAX 402.563.0750



Monday, March 5

Platte County Courthouse, 2610 14 Street, Columbus, NE

8:45 am Check-in begins

9:15 am Please arrive by

9:30 am Seating assignment

Sale starts promptly after seating

No check-ins after 9:40 am


Registration:  Mail to PO Box 967, Columbus, NE  68602-0967

  • Registration form
  • W-9 Form filled out and signed
  • Signed blank check


Rules of Sale

  • Please arrive before 9:15 am.  No check-ins after 9:40.
  • At 9:30, seating order numbers will be distributed.  Please fill out the attached tag and hand to the assistant, after you are seated, and before sale begins.
  • We will work off of an updated list of properties, in the same order.  You will receive this updated list when you check in at the sale.  This list will be in small print.
  • We will read the property by its assigned number (i.e. 1, 2, 3.  See property list) along with the tax dollar amount.  We will not read legal descriptions or parcel numbers.  The assigned numbers do not change from the time they are first listed publicly. 
  • Payments from property owners which were made through the Friday prior to the sale, Bankruptcies, and Problem Taxes are marked off of our master list.  We will inform you of these as we get to them on the list during the sale.
  • Sale is Round Robin / Bid Down.  Random order of seating.  Random start.
  • Dollar amounts in the newspaper and on lists do not include delinquent interest.
  • It is your responsibility to know what you are buying.  There are no refunds.  It is your responsibility to understand state statutes regarding this sale, to understand possible methods of sale, and to keep current with possible legislation changes.
  • All properties will be read, including low priced properties (upon agreement of all bidders)
  • Immediately after the Round Robin sale, unpurchased properties can be purchased.
  • Cell Phones must be turned off. 
  • Each person here represents only one bidder.


Subsequent Taxes (due after today)

  • Buyers should purchase upcoming subsequent taxes
  • If you purchase subsequent taxes, and if you pay them after the due date,
    • We will not compute interest for you previous to payment.
    • Send us a blank check.  We will compute interest when paid, and send you a copy of the check.



  • We have taken properties in bankruptcy off the list.
  • Future bankruptcies – we will not guarantee that you will be notified.



  • $10 Non Refundable


Payment and Certificate Processing

  • You will receive a copy of your completed check with receipts.
  • We will call you before mailing out certificate
  • We will verify your mailing address with you.
  • You will receive a copy of your certificate.  The treasurer’s office will retain original certificates.  See Redemption.
  • $10 Fee for each certificate will be assessed, and is non-refundable.
  • Advertising fees are included.
  • No Certificate will be issued if taxes get paid PRIOR to certificate ISSUANCE.
  • If payment is made by land owner after certificate issuance, but before they are mailed to you, the redemption check will be sent to you.
  • It takes 5 – 10 days to process the certificates.



  • You will be paid 14% interest from the date of sale to the date of redemption.  We cannot guarantee that current legislation will not change this rate.
  • The $10 certificate fee is not reimbursed.
  • Because we hold the original certificate (beginning 2011), we have the ability to send the certificate holder the redemption check without first receiving the original certificate back into our office.
  • All redemption payments will require cashiers checks made out to the certificate holder.  We will forward these directly from our office to that certificate holder.  Payments received by cash will be paid by a check from our office.


Buyer’s Documents.  We will send to you by mail, after certificates are processed:

  • Copies of original certificates.  Originals will be held in our office.
  • Copies of paid tax receipts.
  • Copies of your check.
  • Redemption checks if received after certificate is issued.



  • We offer no extra services.
  • No duplicate certificates or other paperwork.
  • No duplicate subsequent tax statements to you or other service providers.


Bid Down process (if used):  “The person who offers to pay the amount of taxes due on any real property for the smallest portion of the same shall be the purchaser, and when such person designates the smallest portion of the real property for which he or she will pay the amount of taxes assessed against any such property, the portion thus designated shall be considered an undivided portion.  If no person bids for a less quantity than the whole, the treasurer may sell any real property to anyone who will take the whole and pay the taxes and charges thereon…”  77-1807.


Divided interest:  The purchaser and prior owner will become co-owners of the entire tract, with the division of authority based on the extent of the purchaser’s undivided interest.  77-1807.


Nebraska Tax Sale information can be found in Nebraska Statutes 77-1801 and following at:  This office cannot accept responsibility to offer complete information or training regarding tax sales.